Our “PREDATOR” technology provides the best mud motors available. A low flow, high torque, and high temperature motor designed to meet the standards and demands of the oilfield industry.

These motors save time and money as they last longer and drill with higher standards.

A range of modular power sections are available to match the motor output to the specific requirements of each project and the style of bit, and are able to drill in many applications.

  • Conventional directional drilling
  • Steerable and horizontal drilling
  • Performance drilling
  • Short/Intermediate radius drilling
  • Air/Foam and underbalanced drilling
  • Extended reach
  • Harsh environment
  • Shale drilling
  • Conductor pipe drill down
  • Coiled tubing drilling
  • Slimhole drilling
  • Milling
  • Medium radius drilling
  • Motor + rotary steerable drilling
  • Vertical drilling