Drilling Mud Motors

Predator Downhole has a versatile line of Drilling Mud Motors designed to deliver the longest run times possible in the harshest of environments. Cost effective and dependable, Predator motors are designed for simplicity and ease-of-use. Fewer internal parts means that repair costs are kept low. Predator motors are positive displacement down hole motors powered by drilling fluid. Rotation and torque are created at the bit without requiring the turning of the entire drill string. The advantages that set the Predator Motors apart, and make it a cost effective solution for any size operation include:

  • Variety of bit speeds available for different applications
  • Increased torque at the bit, providing increased rate of penetration
  • the bit is driven by the PDM eliminating rotation of the drill string therefore causing less friction on the drill pipe, reducing wear and tear on the entire string
  • angle building, well orientation, and well deviation correction are easily made
  • Versatility to accommodate directional and horizontal drilling
  • Durability for extended hours of vertical and directional drilling
  • Predator Downhole has successfully developed motor configurations for a wide variety of drilling industry applications.


Popular Configurations